My Favorite Kids Party Ideas

Birthday Party

What child doesn’t love a Birthday Party?

And what mother doesn’t dread the planning, decorating, cooking, chaos, and cleaning that goes along with it.

Throwing a kid’s party doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful! With three kids, I’ve hosted plenty of them, and have learned some great tricks to make the day easier for everyone.

Let me share some of my favorite kids party birthday ideas with you.

We will walk through the planning stages, look at some fun birthday themes and decorations,consider expectations, and then we will set up a party plan and a menu that will insure your child will have fun, but you won’t go out of your mind.

Planning a Birthday Party for a child doesn’t have to be hard!

My Favorite Kids Party Ideas – Throwing A Great Kids Party

Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Party

Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Party

Harry Potter is HUGE at our house! It was a no-brainer that we use Harry and Hogwarts as a theme for an extravagant birthday party. Seriously, I went all out…. we recreated Hogwarts.

Sort of…

What we really did was decorate the house with some Banners, sort the kids into Houses, and then we rotated them through a series of lessons designed to be like a day at Hogwarts.

The day ended with lots of fun food, and a storyteller, who told them some amazing and fantastic stories.

You can take as much from this as you want, or as little. It’s your party, and it’s Harry Potter!

Go have fun with it!

Harry Potter Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Party



Birthday Tea Party For Kids

tea party

You can throw a Birthday Tea Party for kids with all the bells, whistles and Petit Fours… without breaking the bank!

Go ahead and use your “good china”, or find some odds and ends at yard sales or Thrift stores. Use those tablecloths that are buried deep in the linen closet, and actually break out the cloth napkins!

Do some of your own baking, or buy ready made treats. Simple things like sandwiches cut into shapes, cookies or dipped strawberries make everyone happy, and are easy to do.

Wrangle a dad or mom to help you wait tables for the girlies.

Then brew up some tea or make some lemonade, and have a delightful afternoon!

Follow this link to read MORE about a Tea Party Birthday Party….

Safari Party for Kids

Safari Party for kids

Birthday Express
If your kids love animals… and you don’t feel like taking a herd of kids to the zoo… host a Safari Birthday Party in your Backyard!

The emphasis is on animals, lots of animals! There is a Jungle Safari where they can collect animals, animal masks for coloring, and a jungle photo booth.

This is a party that they will remember for a lifetime!

Backyard Safari Party for Kids

Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

party food

If your child loves to do crafts, an Arts and Crafts Party is perfect! Most of the supplies can come from the craft bin you already have at home. Just set up stations for painting, stamping, and beads. Encourage the kids to make collages from paper and glitter… magazine clippings and feathers… sequins and ribbon. It’s best to have help for this party… hire a few teens or do a swap with other moms. Just to keep the chaos from getting out of control. The cake I made looks like an artist palette… but you can easily serve colorful cupcakes or cookies. They key is to let the kids be creative!

Arts and Crafts Birthday Party